The world is reawakening to the wisdom that has been lost. Yoga, tai chi, the Kabbalah … It’s clear that the world is hungry for ways of being in the world that honor the totality of who we are as multidimensional beings connected to an interconnected universe.

Wisdom is knowledge in action to change our world. I am committed to exploring the world’s wisdom traditions as they work for our open-source world.


Healing crystals offered by  EnergyMuse

Healing crystals offered by EnergyMuse

tap into the ancient wisdom in crystals

We live in a world of visible and invisible forces that interact with and shape each other. The world’s wisdom traditions have developed sophisticated spiritual technologies that allow us to tap into the invisible realm to bring forward information that will help us live our lives in the visible world.

30-minute crystal readings tap into the wisdom and deep energy of crystals to identify what energies might be operating in the background of your life and coaching on setting new intentions for living the life you want.

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Digital Meditation Experiences (Coming Soon)

Most of us don’t have the time to devote to a deep exploration of the world’s wisdom traditions. My digital meditation kits will be bite-sized, multimedia experiences that you can use on your commute. Bite-sized wisdom at your own pace!