Healing Justice = Community Healing x Social Transformation.

Now more than ever, we need self-care and resilience skills to be able to cope and manage the stresses and traumas inflicted on us by these tumultuous times.

I am committed to the people I have the privilege of working with having the ability to respond effectively to life’s rigors.

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access more balance & clarity

Do you want to experience more energy and vitality?

Do you want to be more regularly in touch with your natural capacity for health and wellness?

Do you want to feel more resilience in the face of the inevitable changes and stresses of life?

Reiki taps into your body’s natural abilities to heal itself by clearing out blockages from and aligning your major energy centers. Sit back and allow the energy of nature to pour into your body, and bring you the healing you need.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and can include guided visualizations, meditation, crystal work, and intuitive healing.

Work is performed in a quiet, comfortable space just minutes from the Rockridge BART station in North Oakland.

Distance reiki sessions available as well.



AseGong™: Energy for Your Best Life

Designed from the teachings of Holden Qigong and inspired by Baba Ifa Karade’s powerful insights into the intersections of the West African tradition of Ifa and traditional Chinese energetics, Ase Gong™ is a practice to connect the forces of the outer natural world with our internal energetic world. Through a series of breathing exercises, postures of power, and gentle moving meditations, you will cultivate your personal energy (Ase!) while being held by the energy in a group class.

Classes coming soon.