Clarity of Vision

Obatala priestess and Oprah-endorsed life coach, Iyanla Vanzant, made me aware years ago of the adage that Life puts curves on the road, because if we were to see what was coming down the road, we would run screaming the other way.

And yet, in my morning meditation with Obatala this morning, I got in touch with a different truth. When we work with the King of the Mountain to gain elevation and to rise above the circumstances of our lives, we are able to see more of the road before us than we can see when we are in it.

When we gain an elevated perspective, … when we allow our consciousness to shed the weight of everyday life and to rise above it all, e.g., enlightenment, … when we see the mystical vision for our lives, we gain not only a glimpse of the path of destiny before us. We also gain Faith, because we know in a deep way what is meant for us. We also gain Confidence and Courage, because we are able to discern and embrace what works for the way forward and to more easily say “no” to that which is not in alignment with our path.

So as we look to the new year, let us pray for Clarity of Vision!