Eṣu: Meditating on Spirit at the Crossroads

Eṣu is one of the most important spiritual forces in the Yoruba pantheon. When we each appeared before Olodumare (God) to commit to our sacred contract before incarnating in the earthly plane, there were only two other spirits present: Orunmila, the Prophet of the IFA / Yoruba religious tradition, who recorded all that we need to know to live our lives in this world; and the silent witness, Eṣu.

With knowledge of our destiny in this earthly realm, Eṣu appears at every crossroads, every choice point, to remind us of the sacred contract we took on. Sometimes, his reminders come in the form of what might appear to us as tricks, trials and challenges; but these difficulties ultimately are intended to guide us back to Balance if we let them.

June 13th is the feast day of Eṣu in the Lucumi / Santeria expression of the IFA / Orisha / Yoruba religion. I wrote this meditation packet to reflect on the Yoruba Spirit of the Crossroads and the power of choice in staying aligned with our path of destiny.

May Eṣu open your doors and roads, and may he remove from your path anything that stands in the way of your highest and greatest good! Aṣe!

Photo Credit:  Science Museum Groups

Photo Credit: Science Museum Groups