My vision is to transform what's possible for and in Community by unleashing its inherent abundance, energy and wisdom.


I believe that the promise and potential of Community can only be realized when each and every community member is able to make the unique contributions only they can make.



Each and every person has a unique set of strengths, gifts, and talents to contribute.

My abundance work focuses on discerning our life purpose, exploring possibilities for living that purpose, and creating inclusive communities that celebrate and lift up the diversity of contributions to community.



Our natural state is one of wholeness.

My healing work supports people in developing a healthy relationship with every part of their multidimensional being through meditation, energy work, and neuroscience. It also is about creating healthy communities that support self-care and resilience.



We must reclaim ancient wisdom to create a more equitable and just world.

My wisdom work is dedicated to accessing the wisdom of the ages. From the wisdom held in crystals, to Ifa, Taoism and the mystical traditions, I offer my reflections on what sacred knowledge means for the modern world.